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image of technicians working on a circuit panelLet Sobieski Life Safety perform all your inspections for fire alarm, security systems and fire sprinklers and get the peace of mind you deserve.

Testing your fire alarm and sprinkler systems on a routine basis is not only required by most local fire ordinances and the Life Safety Code/NFPA 25/NFPA 72, it’s absolutely necessary to make sure the investment you’ve made in your protection will respond when you need it most. Periodic testing, inspection and “exercising” your fire alarm and sprinklers will help insure that your business, your assets, your employees and your customers have the protection they need to survive in an emergency.

Sobieski Life Safety will provide immediate quotes and can quickly fix any deficiencies uncovered during an inspection – for alarm or sprinklers – so your system is never compromised. Many things can negatively impact the operational efficiency and effectiveness of your system, exposing you to unnecessary risks or even creating inadvertent code violations.

Some of these are out of your control, and many of which you may not even notice until it’s too late, including:

Rely on Sobieski Life Safety to ensure the reliability and effectiveness of all your fire protection and alarm systems, including control panels, pull stations, detectors, annunciators, emergency lights, horns and strobes, portable fire extinguishers, fire pumps and sprinkler heads. We provide everything you need, from design and installation of new systems to regularly scheduled testing and inspections backed by 24 hour a day, 7 days a week emergency service.

And be sure to ask us about joining our VIP Club. Start saving money today while you enjoy the full suite of benefits and services we provide!

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Could Microbiologically Induced Corrosion (“MIC”) be literally eating your sprinkler system from the inside out?

Have you noticed any:

If so, your sprinkler system could be seriously compromised.

MIC is a naturally occurring corrosive process caused by microbes in water that feed off the pipe. It can begin occurring in only a few months, even in a brand new sprinkler system. MIC tends to honeycomb the pipe, causing pinhole leaks. And when a system is compromised, the sprinkler piping can completely fail at any time, literally blowing apart should the system become pressurized (such as when tripped by fire).

The cost of corrosion in America exceeds $300 billion a year. That’s almost 4 percent of the gross national product! MIC accounts for up to 25% of the corrosion. MIC is widespread and has been an acknowledged problem for decades in the oil and gas industry and at nuclear sites, pulp and paper processing plants, and textile manufacturing sites. Only recently has the fire protection industry become aware of the magnitude of this problem in sprinkler systems and the devastating consequences it can have.

The biggest cost isn’t testing and remediation, but it could be expensive if you encounter a complete failure of your system when you need it most! Sobieski Life Safety can test your system for the presence of MIC, treat your system to kill and prevent future MIC, and evaluate and repair any damage due to MIC. Thinking of buying a property with an existing sprinkler system? Your “due diligence” process MUST include testing for MIC so you don’t pay good money for a system that can fail or flood your business! Let the MIC experts at Sobieski Life Safety be a part of your full due diligence plan.

Let Sobieski Life Safety evaluate and test your system today for MIC.

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