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Get Fresh Air with a Heat Recovery Ventilator

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A heat recovery ventilator (HRV) takes stale indoor air out of your home and replaces it with outdoor air — without losing heat or adding humidity to your indoor environment. Today’s energy-conserving homes have one major drawback. The same airtight structural standards that retain heating and air conditioning so efficiently also conspire to keep fresh air out. Without efficient mechanical ventilation to dilute airborne particulates, toxic contaminants and excessive humidity, indoor air quality suffers and susceptible individuals may even experience symptoms like allergic responses.

HRV Technology

A heat recovery ventilator utilizes a central controller that incorporates separate intake and exhaust fans, synchronized to induct outdoor air and exhaust indoor air at precisely the same volume. Through dedicated small-bore ductwork, stale air is removed from areas like the kitchen and utility rooms and exhausted outdoors, while an equal amount of filtered outdoor air is inducted and added to bedrooms and family rooms. Inducting and exhausting equal volumes of air preserves the home’s neutral air pressure, an important factor for efficient heating and cooling. Today’s high efficiency-HRV units now consume as little as 43 watts of electricity, providing hours of daily ventilation at an affordable cost.

Recovering Heat

A heat exchanger integrated in the central controller extracts heat from the warmer air stream and adds it to the cooler air stream. In winter, heat removed from outgoing air is added back into incoming cold air. This prevents heat loss that extends furnace cycles and increases heating costs. During summer, heat is absorbed from incoming outdoor air and added to the outgoing stream so your air conditioner isn’t overworked by added outside heat. An efficient heat recovery ventilator is capable of recovering up to 70 percent of heat energy from the outgoing or incoming air stream and transferring it to the opposite stream.

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