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Beat The Heat
National HVAC Tech Day Is
June 22ND!
Here's What Makes Our Techs Great!

THANK YOU, techs! This month, we celebrate National HVAC Tech Day, June 22nd 2021 by recognizing those techs who go above and beyond to treat our customers like family. This year, more than ever, we are thankful for our outstanding HVAC techs for carrying the Sobieski name with purpose. 

Every visit to our customer’s homes is made better when our techs have a smile on their face, the knowledge to do the job right, and the care and concern for each of our customers. With the wide array of problems and challenges they face on each job, we appreciate their flexibility, creative problem solving, and care for their quality of work. Their hard work should never go unnoticed – and from the reviews our customers leave us on Google and Facebook, they don’t! 

From Kristina:

“…The technician that came to my home was so nice and very knowledgeable. He made me feel at ease. He walked me through exactly what had happened and how the repair would go. Quoted charges prior to doing the work. Thank you so much for being such a people friendly company!”

From Aneta:

“…The guys that came to install the new AC unit were very professional and did a good job listening to where we wanted the unit installed. At the end gave us detailed instructions of the new install and how to use it. Would highly recommend this business.””

From Susan:

“Technician Dave was friendly and went above and beyond to answer the many HVAC questions we had in addition to completing the maintenance.”

From Kevin:

“…As in past visits, William was prompt, thorough, and professional.”

Again, thank you to each of our Sobieski HVAC Techs for your outstanding work. We appreciate each of you, and so do our customers!

If you’d like to experience the helpful and effective services provided by Sobieski’s HVAC Techs, please give us a call at 866-477-4404 or schedule your service online today!

Natl. HVAC Tech Day
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It has Never Been More Important to Maintain Your HVAC System.
Avoid breakdowns this Summer with Sobieski Services!

Summer is here, and we’ve reached that unique time in the Mid-Atlantic region when we’re ready to crank up the Air Conditioning and reach a comfort level more appropriate for ourselves and our families. Most homeowners in the area assume that if their cooling system is working now, it’s going to last through the rest of the spring and summer. However, if your AC system hasn’t been serviced recently, you could find yourself left in the heat in the middle of summer.

Schedule Maintenance for Your Air Conditioner

Your air conditioner may be working fine now, but will it hold up when the summer heat continues? Regular maintenance for your AC system is essential if you want to keep your air conditioner running at its best all spring and summer long.

During that maintenance visit (also known as a tune-up), an HVAC professional will inspect your cooling equipment for safe and proper operation, making adjustments to ensure optimal performance. With regular tune-ups, you’ll see benefits like increased home comfort, greater AC system efficiency, and lower cooling costs. You’ll also have peace of mind in knowing that you’re less likely to experience an HVAC breakdown or costly repair.

Now’s the Time to Schedule an AC Tune-Up

At Sobieski, we recommend scheduling an AC tune-up once a year — preferably in the spring. This gives you the opportunity to have your system serviced while the weather is still relatively mild. Should your HVAC specialist notice any issues with your air conditioner during the tune-up, those issues can be repaired well before the summer heat arrives, or allow there to be adequate time to replace your equipment.

Scheduling your AC tune-up at the end of spring also lets you beat the “summer rush” of homeowners looking to have their cooling equipment serviced. Rather than wishing you’d scheduled maintenance for your system sooner, you’ll rest easy all summer knowing your equipment is prepared to handle even the hottest of days.

Don’t Be Left in the Heat When You Need AC

Nothing is worse for a homeowner than an air conditioning system breakdown in the middle of summer. Gain peace of mind concerning your AC system with a Tune-Up visit from the Sobieski experts. We’ll keep your cooling equipment running at peak performance and even help you determine the smartest time for air conditioner replacement.

Beat the summer rush with an AC Tune-Up. Give us a call at 866-477-4404, or schedule your maintenance appointment online today!

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