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A Zoning System Keeps Your Home In Perfect Tune

Music ConductorIf your home comfort is lacking due to design features that inhibit even heating, a zoning system could be the right solution to your problem. By developing zones to allow precise delivery of heat as needed, you’ll watch hot and cold zones disappear overnight. Zoning systems use motorized dampers installed in ductwork, which correspond to a series of thermostats. These thermostats control the temperature in predetermined zones in a home, and allow precise delivery of heat to each zone. Once heated, that zone’s damper closes, to avoid wasting energy heating an already warmed up space.

Just how does home comfort begin to deteriorate and why isn’t your heating system enough?

There are certain design factors that most systems can’t overcome. These include:

  • Heat gain from rooms with large windows or dominant exposure to the sun during the hottest times of the day.
  • Two-story homes. Nature’s laws predict that heat will rise, and make a second story much hotter than a first story.
  • Large rooms. Rooms that have higher than normal ceilings also require additional heat to fill that space. And because heat rise, these large rooms can become energy suckers, drawing heat to the top and creating cold zones in the living space below.
  • Little-used areas. Most homeowners use some areas of their homes more often than others.

What are the benefits of a zoning system?

  • Customized comfort unique to your home.
  • Even distribution of airflow throughout your home, maintaining comfort in one zone while another is closed off.
  • A system that works with both your heating and cooling systems.
  • The choice of multiple zones to maximize comfort in your home.
  • Negligible impact on noise production, as zoning systems no effect on the performance of your HVAC systems, their capacity or noise emissions.

Solve your comfort problems this year, eliminate hot and cold zones, and resolve your home’s design issues with a zoning system fit for your home.

Our goal is to help educate our customers about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems). Sobieski serves Wilmington, Delaware and the surrounding areas. Visit our website to see our special offers and get started today!

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