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Zone in on the Benefits of Zoning Systems

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A zoning system solves the fundamental challenge that forced air cooling heating systems pose: even comfort throughout the home. Most homes have a single thermostat whose setting dictates the temperature throughout. Zoning systems individualize the flow of conditioned air, which improves comfort, lowers energy bills, and increases the lifetime of the HVAC equipment.

A zoned HVAC system uses three types of components to deliver conditioned air where and when you need it. Each zone has an individual thermostat that connects to a central control panel. When an individual thermostat sends a signal to the control panel, automatic ductwork dampers open so that the air handler can send the conditioned air to just that zone.

HVAC contractors install zoning systems with new equipment or use them to retrofit existing systems to provide these benefits:

  • Energy savings — Since you’re only conditioning part of your home at once time, zoning it saves a good deal of energy. The U.S. Department of Energy reports that you can save up to 30 percent on monthly cooling and heating bills by combining the system with programmable thermostats.
  • Better comfort — The solar and wind exposure in most homes creates hot and cold spots that are easy to balance by zoning it. Instead of compensating for an uncomfortable area by adjusting the thermostat for the whole house, each zone operates independently. You won’t have to overly cool the main living area to keep the bedrooms on a second floor comfortable.
  • Individualized control — Not everyone enjoys the same temperatures, and a zoning system helps compensate for different thermal preferences or requirements.
  • Longer system life — Since the system won’t run at full capacity most of the time, it will last longer. It’s also better than shutting off a little-used section of your home without harming your ductwork or air handler.

A zoning system helps eliminate the problems associated with uneven indoor comfort that result in high energy bills.

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