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Is Your Toilet Flushing Money Down into Sewer?

Toilet flushing is one of those we don’t often think much about. Push the lever, flush the toilet and that’s all there is to it. Simple, easy and effective. But older toilets are water wasters, some using as much as 7 gallons in one single flush!

Some of the new modern high efficiency toilets, or HET’s for short, only use about 1.3 gallons per flush, which means, compared to an older toilet, you could save thousands of gallons of water, and over $2,200 dollars over the lifetime of a toilet. When you think about it, that’s some serious cash that has been flushed down the drain.

The WaterSense Difference

The label to know, when it comes to HET toilets is WaterSense. WaterSense is to toilets is like EnergyStar is to electrical appliances. You’ll get the same type of overall performance, but it will cost less energy and less water to do it with. Just by installing a WaterSense toilet in place of the one you have now, you’ll realize upwards of a 20 percent savings on your current water bill.

Novel Ways to Flush

Some of the most modern toilet designs not only offer a HET design, but they also incorporate some novel ways to flush. Pressure assisted flushing designs used compressed air to vastly increase flushing velocity, and that means only about .8 of a gallon of water is needed. Some designs use an electric pump to turbocharge the flushing action, and have virtually no tank at all.

Saving water means saving energy and also saving some money off of your water bill. The newest modern toilet designs take toilet flushing to a new level, and if you are in the market for a new toilet, one of these new HET toilets should be high on your list of considerations.

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