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Your Home Depends On A Sump Pump That’s In Good Shape

Blame it on global warming, call it an aberration, or an act of God, but extra water seems to be everywhere. You may even be one of the lucky homeowners or landlords who has flood insurance.

Even if you think you are insured and believe it won’t happen to you, your first flood will wake you up. The water ruins almost everything, leaves slime and muck on every surface it touches, and can leave you with smelly mold and mildew.

Fixes can run from waterproofing your foundation to digging trenches to collect the extra water. But none of them is foolproof. Your sump pump is your only lifeline when the water starts rising.

Once you have settled on the need for a sump pump and you have contracted for one or already had one installed, don’t go to sleep. Your home depends on a sump pump that’s in good shape. It’s like a garden (not a good analogy because you will add water to your garden) or a child or pet. You must maintain your sump pump.

Keeping your sump pump in good shape won’t take as much work as being a parent or pet owner, but you should test it and maintain it regularly. Keep the manufacturer’s manuals available. By the time your weather forecast calls for an overabundance of rain or melting snow, it may be too late. Especially if you need to repair it or replace parts.

Stick to a regular schedule. “Check the sump pump” should be on the same list as “Start the generator” or “Check the batteries in the smoke detectors.” Every month or so try your sump pump.

Turn it on by adding water to the pit or manually raising the float (Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and don’t run the pump dry). Clean the pit and inspect the drains to be certain that they allow for the water to flow freely.

You have spent the money to purchase and install a sump pump. Now remember that Your Home Depends on a Sump Pump That’s in Good Shape.

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