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Your Air Conditioning Tune-up: Is It On Your To-Do List?

TO DOAn air conditioning tune-up or air conditioning service is an important task for all homeowners to undertake before the warm weather arrives. By preparing your A/C ahead of time, you can ensure that your system will operate at its maximum capacity.

Interested in a quick DIY air conditioning tune-up? There are some steps most homeowners can take to keep your air conditioner in tip-top shape.

  • Check your air filters. If your filter is dirty, be sure to change it. This inexpensive step can lead to significant energy savings, particularly if you keep your filter clog-free. Most Air filters should typically be cleaned or replaced every one to three months when in use.
  • Make sure debris is not hindering the air conditioner’s outside condenser. Over time, leaves, lawn clippings, trash and the like can end up around the unit outdoors. If there are obstructions, remove them, as these can reduce your air conditioning unit’s efficiency.
  • Occasionally clean the outdoor condenser with a rinse from the garden hose.
  • Confirm that indoor airflow is not being affected by furniture, drapery or other objects that may be positioned in front of air conditioning vents.
  • Keep your fan speed at high throughout warm weather, except when you’re faced with high humidity. When the air is humid, it’s best to keep the fan at low to keep the air circulating, which will make you feel cooler even though the air temperature is the same.

Taking these steps can help ensure your unit runs at its highest efficiency during the hot summer months.

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