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Is Your A/C Iced Over? Why This is Not a Good Sign

You certainly associate ice with being cool but if ice appears on your A/C unit that is a sign that you could be in for a long hot summer. There are a number of causes as to why you may be seeing your A/C iced over and all of them mean the cooling system is not getting the job done. The fix could be something as simple as some minor maintenance or it could be an indicator that the unit should be replaced or needs expensive repairs.

The easy fixes that you can do yourself include replacing a clogged air filter or a blocked return vent. Another possible fix for an iced over A/C is to turn up the thermostat. Many service professionals will tell you to keep the temperature at 70 or above to prevent a unit from freezing up. Sometimes the cause of ice in the HVAC system is as simple as running the unit with the windows open. Turn off the unit, close the windows and allow the ice to thaw before turning it back on.

If the easy fixes do not work, the reason your A/C iced over could be something more complicated that will require a visit from a trained technician. Ice that forms on the evaporator coil, the tubes running between the indoor unit and the outdoor condenser or the condenser itself could signal a major malfunction. The blower motor could be going bad and not moving enough air.

The compressor may have seized up or you may have a refrigerant leak. One way to prevent an iced over air conditioner is by having your HVAC system properly maintained. A very dirty blower wheel or a dirty coil can cause ice to build up by restricting the air flow through the system. Those are problems that an A/C professional can repair. An annual A/C tune up will prevent this and other problems.

If you have questions about what to do for an A/C iced over in the Wilmington, Delaware area contact Sobieski Services. Sobieski has been serving satisfied customers in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey for over 25 years.

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