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Would An Upgrade To High-Efficiency Air Conditioning Benefit You?

Old-New SneakersWhen a new cooling system is on your agenda, consider an upgrade to a high-efficiency air conditioning appliance. Although the initial cost may be higher, over the long life of your system, you’ll get the money back through increased comfort and lower electrical bills. Air conditioning efficiency is described by its SEER(seasonal energy efficiency ratio) rating. The minimum SEER rating stands at 13.

Consider these upgrades to increase the SEER rating for a central air conditioner:

  • Variable-speed motor. Also known as electronically-commutated motors (ECMs), these motors can rest inside the indoor blower and the outdoor compressor. They use significantly less electricity, run more quietly and allow for slower speeds, unlike single-speed motors. An ECM in the blower also removes more indoor humidity, making your home feel more comfortable.
  • Dual-speed compressors. These run at two different speeds, which in our climate saves electricity and wear and tear on the compressor. The compressor only runs at top speed when temperatures are exceptionally hot.
  • Thermal expansion valve (TXV). This measures the flow of refrigerant to the indoor evaporator coil in the blower. It senses when the weather calls for more refrigerant for efficient cooling. Like a dual-speed compressor, it saves wear and tear on the compressor and lowers your electric bill.

An upgrade to high-efficiency air conditioning that doesn’t raise the SEER but does save a lot of energy and increases the life of your air conditioner is a filter light. Your air filter may be the most important component for the air conditioner. It protects the blower, compressor and condenser from the hazards that excessive dirt creates. Two types of filter lights are available, including:

  • A light timer, which you manually set to remind you when it’s time to check the filter. During heavy use, it’s a good idea to check it monthly.
  • A filter sensor, which sits next to your blower and measures airflow. When it slows, the filter light alerts you.

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