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Wondering What Types Of Insulation To Use? A Guide For Homeowners

Insulation rollIncreasing the amount of insulation in your home is a great way to save on utility bills this winter. Also, if you’re completing a renovation or starting a new construction project, you need to know what types of insulation work best in different areas. Here’s a look at four of the most commonly used types of insulation, and where they work best:

  • Fiberglass batts are the most popular type of insulation to fit between ceiling rafters, floor joists and wall studs. They come in standard dimensions to fit snugly in these areas and provide a blanket of insulation along large, consistent surfaces. Since they are constructed from glass and sand, fiberglass batts are non-combustible and fire-resistant. They also provide adequate soundproofing.
  • Foamboard, also known as rigid foam, can be used in unfinished ceilings, floors and walls, making them a popular choice for new construction projects. This is one of the types of insulation that provides excellent R-value for how thin it is. After the foam board is installed, it must be covered with gypsum board for fire code purposes.
  • Spray foam seals gaps and cracks very successfully and provides a higher R-value than other products of the same thickness. It’s usually used in smaller quantities to fill gaps in hard-to-reach or oddly shaped corners. A pressure sprayer is required to apply spray foam.
  • Loose-fill or blown-in fiber is ideal for attic floors or awkward nooks. It’s less expensive than spray foam but still provides an excellent draft barrier and fire-resistant qualities. The attic is the most cost-effective location to add insulation to an existing home because you can simply layer the floor with loose-fill or other types of insulation and experience a noticeable decrease in your utility bills.

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