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Why You Should Consider a Whole-Home Ventilation System

With the amount of time you and others spend at home, the quality of the indoor air you breathe is imperative. If your home is buttoned up to save energy, it’s even more important to ensure you have adequate air exchange and ventilation to remove indoor pollutants that may cause sickness and damage to your property. Read on to learn about different ventilation system options available to serve your needs.

Home Ventilation Systems

Ventilation is necessary to remove or reduce indoor odors, moisture, germs and other pollutants. If it were comfortable to leave windows open all year long, there wouldn’t be so much urgency to ensure healthful indoor-air quality. However, year-round balmy weather is not the case for Mid-Atlantic homeowners. So, take a look at your options for the most effective whole-home ventilation systems:

  • Supply and exhaust: Supply and exhaust ventilating systems use a blower to force air into or out of your home. There are downsides to these two systems. With a supply system, moisture problems may occur. Exhaust systems de-pressurize your home, which can draw in pollutants through leaks in your home’s envelope.
  • Balanced system: A balanced ventilation system use two blowers — supply and exhaust. This type of system alleviates some of the issues with supply and exhaust types, but you’re still faced with mixing fresh air and indoor air to reduce drafts and higher heating and cooling bills.
  • Heat recovery: A heat-recovery ventilation system provide balanced ventilation with the added bonus of exchanging heat between indoor air and fresh air. The opposing air streams circulate inside a heat-exchange core, but do not mix. They are separated by metal plates. Heat is transferred through the plates, which heats or cools fresh supply air. This is the system of choice for the Mid-Atlantic region when you want maximum energy efficiency, comfort and healthful indoor-air quality.

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