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Why You Need to Know About Variable Speed Blowers

Many have praised the variable speed blower for its remarkable ability to offer efficient heating and cooling comfort. But to better understand the benefits of having one in your home’s HVAC system, it’s a good idea to know how it works.

What Makes It Different from an Ordinary Blower Motor?

The average HVAC indoor blower motor has two settings: on or off. That’s because most systems use a single-speed blower motor to circulate air throughout the home. A variable speed blower, on the other hand, is capable of moving heated and cooled air at different speeds. Thanks to advances in HVAC technology, these innovative motors can incrementally increase and decrease blower output speeds to provide consistent heating and cooling.

Advantages in Efficiency and Performance

The advantages that variable speed blowers have are numerous. For starters, they consume less electricity than the average single-speed motor, resulting in lower energy bills throughout the year. These motors also offer sizable gains in overall heating and cooling efficiency, as the variable speed motor can ramp up and down depending on home comfort demand. Improved air quality is yet another benefit of having this type of motor in your HVAC system. Variable speed motors allow for constant and consistent air circulation when in “fan” mode, allowing your air filter to capture more airborne contaminants than before.

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