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Why a Tankless Water Heater is a Good Investment for Your Home

Tankless water heater

The tankless water heater continues to take market share from conventional storage tank models. The potential to enjoy a virtually unlimited supply of hot water is a major selling point to many homeowners, as is the increased energy efficiency, lower operating costs and longer expected service life that tankless heaters offer. These and other factors make a tankless water heater a worthy investment when it’s time to replace your conventional storage tank model.

What’s Wrong with the Tank?

Though a fixture in households for nearly a hundred years, conventional storage tank water heaters have certain inherent drawbacks.

  • During periods of low demand, hot water in the storage tank typically cools and must be reheated multiple times to maintain temperature before it’s finally utilized. This wastes energy and increases operating costs.
  • Tanks have a finite capacity of hot water. Once that capacity is exhausted during high demand, there’s a waiting period before another tank of water can be heated to temperature. Somebody gets a cold shower.

No Tank? No Problem.

Here’s how a tankless water heater makes more sense in many residences.

  • Tankless systems produce hot water on demand. No water is stored, so there’s no standby heat loss, and repetitive reheating of the same water is eliminated. This reduces energy consumption by up to 30 percent over standard efficiency residential water heaters.
  • When properly sized to the hot water demands of the house and the flow rate of water, a tankless heater produces an uninterrupted supply of hot water with no waiting for a new tank of water to heat and no cold showers.
  • Tankless heaters provide more installation options. Smaller, dedicated tankless units can be installed near high-demand fixtures such as bathrooms or kitchens. Whole-house units are wall mounted and may be placed indoors or even outdoors on a back wall.

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