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Why Should a Pro Drain and Flush Sediment from Your Building’s Water Heaters?

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You probably already know that your HVAC system needs regular preventive maintenance to keep it working properly and economically. There are, however, other mechanical systems in your commercial building that will benefit from professional attention. One of the most important of these is your water heater. The amount of hot water used in a commercial setting can be high, which makes water heating a significant part of your monthly operating expenses. Water heater maintenance keeps the system working at its most efficient and effective level, producing plenty of hot water when you need it at the lowest possible cost. Here is a brief explanation of water heater maintenance and why you should have a professional drain and flush the system annually.

The Need for Water Heater Maintenance

Over time, material in your building’s water can accumulate as sediment in the water heater’s tank. Some of the most common sources of sediment are calcium and lime. This material might not be obvious when looking directly at a sample of water, but if your water contains these types of minerals or sediments, they will eventually accumulate inside your water heater and impair the equipment’s function.

Most often, minerals and sediment build up on the bottom of your water heater’s tank. There, they form a layer that prevents heat from the water heater’s burners from being transferred to the water inside the tank. In essence, the sediment layer insulates the bottom of the tank. In this case, it impairs the water heating process and makes it necessary to expend more energy to warm up the water in the tank. You waste energy and spend more than you should to have warm water.

If there is enough sediment inside your water heater, you could eventually start to see this material coming out of your faucets. Cloudy, dirty or turbid hot water can be a reliable sign of problems. This is not only unpleasant, it results in water that is unsuitable for consumption.

The sediment and minerals in your water supply can also build up inside the pipes inside the water heater, restricting water flow. If they build up enough, they could completely clog supply and drainage pipes, or cause the water heater to stop working. Large amounts of build-up inside the pipes could cause them to crack or burst.

The need for draining and flushing your water heater can vary depending on the quality of water used in your commercial building. If you have what is commonly known as hard water in your area that contains higher amounts of minerals, your water heater may need more frequent maintenance to keep it working properly.

Draining and Flushing Procedures

Your plumbing professional will be very familiar with the problems associated with sediment and mineral build-up in a water heater. He or she also knows the best ways to flush the tank and has the equipment necessary to do the job without creating water spills or other problems. For these reasons, it’s better to hire a pro to drain and flush your water heater’s tank.

The basic process of flushing a tank involves attaching a drain hose and emptying the tank of all of the water inside it. Your plumbing professional will then attach a supply hose to the tank to fill it up again. As the fresh water circulates through the tank, it will remove any sediment or other material that has accumulated at the bottom of the tank. When no more material can be seen coming out of the drain hose, the tank is clean and can be put back into service.

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