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Why It’s Important to Buy an HVAC System, Not Just a Replacement Unit

As you consider a new furnace replacement, you may want to think about replacing the whole HVAC system at one time. Although it requires a larger initial investment, over time, it will pay off.

Over the last decade, the energy efficiency of HVAC equipment has increased, and the combined benefits of lower energy bills and greater health and comfort. As heating and cooling systems age, they use more energy and can degrade indoor air quality.

  • Energy consumption. HVAC systems have many parts that wear over time and don’t work as well as they once did. Combined with its lower efficiency from the start, the old system is increasing your energy burden each time it runs.
  • Reduced indoor air quality. Over time, the ductwork that delivers the conditioned air can start to degrade and leak. As it does, the amount of indoor air particulates increases and air quality suffers. Leaking ductwork also drives up energy bills in relation to their size and backdraft carbon monoxide into your home’s air.

Repair costs are another concern with an aging system. Replacement parts may be hard to come by, and in the case of air conditioners and heat pumps, refrigerant refills may be prohibitively expensive for an HVAC system that uses R-22 or Freon.

The U.S. EPA has stopped the production of this refrigerant and by 2020, it will only be available as a recycled product. Its price has risen to the point where it doesn’t pencil economically to pay for the repair and the high cost of R-22.

Replacing the old system with an entirely new system might enhance your ability to sell your home. The most important issue that the majority of home buyers consider essential is an energy efficient home. New HVAC equipment will help you differentiate your home and may increase its value.

A new HVAC system as opposed to component replacement makes financial and personal sense.

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