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Why Humidification is Key to Staying Healthy This Winter

Keep your home healthy with humidification solutions from Sobieski Services!

As we all know, the winter usually brings around many illnesses. Before bacteria and viruses were discovered, many people may have attributed this simply to the cold weather. Even though we’ve known about why people get sick for years, we still somehow associate the cold weather with unpleasant sickness.

One of the main reasons that we tend to get sick more often during the winter is the fact that we’re spending much more time indoors with our windows and doors shut and heat turned on. While at first blush this might seem like the perfect environment to not get sick, it actually creates the ideal circumstances for bacteria and viruses to spread.

The Home Indoor Air Quality Problem During the Winter

During the colder months, you probably tend to hide indoors unless you’re off on a ski vacation. During warmer weather, you may have cracked a window at home, but doing the same thing in the winter isn’t really a great idea.

When your windows are constantly closed and your heating unit is constantly turned up, any bacteria or viruses in the air stay in the air and circulate through your home, lingering and posing a threat to occupants. This, unfortunately, provides the perfect circumstances for illnesses to spread.

Winter Weather & Humidity Issues

Your home’s heating system ensures you stay warm, but during the winter when the humidity is already low, heating can further dry out the air. While this can lead to uncomfortable issues like dry, cracked hands and lips, it actually can also make it easier for you to get sick.

When your nose and throat dry out, there is less mucus to filter out and prevent germs from making you sick. Since your nose needs moisture to trap viruses and bacteria, dry sinuses can make you much more vulnerable to the flu, colds and sinus infections. In addition, the dry air can irritate some people’s respiratory problems, causing asthma attacks or persistent, dry coughs.

How a Humidifier Can Help You Stay Healthy & Comfortable

Avoid putting yourself, your family and any guests that may be visiting over the holidays in an uncomfortable position by having them deal with poor indoor air quality and a higher risk of getting sick. By using a humidifier appropriately, you can alleviate some problems caused by the reduced indoor air quality of your home during the winter.

If you decide to use a portable humidifier, be sure to use only fresh, distilled water and place it towards the center of a room, away from any walls, furniture or other materials. Keep a gauge on the indoor humidity – ideally it should be between 35-40% — don’t let it go above 50%! But remember, portable humidifiers only impact a small percentage of the air in your home.

Another more permanent and advisable option to improving your home’s indoor air quality is to have a whole home humidifier from Sobieski integrated into your home’s heating system. This will provide you with a more reliable solution to troublesome dry winter air. Not only will this help you stay healthier, it can also actually increase your comfort, allowing you to use your heating unit more sparingly by reducing the thermostat a few degrees.

Sobieski: Keeping You & Your Family Healthy

At Sobieski, we want you, your family and any visitors inside your Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania or New Jersey home to stay healthy and comfortable. If you’re worried about your home’s indoor air quality, we can inspect the situation and recommend specific solutions for your home. Get peace of mind about your comfort and health this season with help from our team.

Stay healthy this winter with help from Sobieski! Contact us to see how we can help keep you comfortable and healthy in your home.

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