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Which Areas of Your Home Need the Most Ventilation?

When the weather is very cool or very warm and sticky in the Mid-Atlantic area, you’re understandably concerned about keeping your home comfortable with your furnace or A/C. However, ventilation is an important indoor environmental factor that homes need to optimize indoor air quality. Read on to learn why ventilating your home is so important and which areas may need it most.

Why Ventilate?

Without adequate ventilation, the air inside your home may become very uncomfortable and unhealthful. This is especially on point if your home is well insulated and sealed, which locks in germs, odors and other pollutants. Further, pockets of moisture lend to the development of mold, mildew and bacteria, which as you probably know is extremely difficult to eradicate.

Where to Ventilate

The need to ventilate the living spaces in your home is quite obvious. You don’t want your bedroom to be too stuffy or too damp, for example, which makes it difficult to sleep. Other areas of your home need ventilation, too. Here’s why:

  • Bathroom and kitchen: Moisture and odors quickly build up in your bathrooms and kitchen.
  • Attic: Your attic needs air exchange to maintain equal temperature to outside temperatures during heating months to help prevent ice dams.
  • Retrofitted basement: Retrofitted basements are notorious spaces for mold growth.

Ventilation Options

  • Natural ventilation: Opening windows to bring in fresh air isn’t a practical ventilating option when outside weather is too cool or too warm.
  • Mechanical ventilators: Whole-home ventilating fans work great to exchange indoor air, but they don’t address the problem of substantial temperature differences inside and outside your home.
  • Heat recovery ventilators: Heat recovery ventilators (HRVs) are mechanical systems that use a heat-exchanger core to extract heat from indoor air to pre-heat cooler fresh-air supply. HRVs are fantastic options if you want to maximize comfort, heating efficiency and indoor air quality.

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