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Where to Put Your Tankless Water Heater

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If you’re considering a tankless water heater to increase comfort for your Delaware home, one of your prime considerations will be where to place it. Tankless water heaters have some specific requirements that you should take into consideration.

Near Proper Venting

Tankless water heaters have very particular venting requirements, as they vent more exhaust than a conventional water heater. Read the manufacturer’s guidelines carefully before selecting a location for your new water heater to avoid problems. You’ll typically need to find a place that’s at least three feet from windows, and as close as possible to the vent termination. If your home is several stories tall, you usually can’t place the water heater several stories below a roof vent.

In a Warm Spot

If the water freezes in your water heater, the entire installation may be ruined. Make sure you choose a warm location to make it easier for your tankless water heater to operate efficiently. A professional installation will help you avoid common problems with placement.

Away from the Elements

The ideal location for your water heater is inside the home. Most installations are small and unobtrusive so they will easily fit in a pantry, under the stairs, or under your sink. If you must place the water heater outside, make sure it’s safe from direct sunlight, rain, and insects.

By In-Demand Areas

The closer your tankless water heater is to the appliance or faucet that needs the water, the better it will work. If you want better hot water for your bathroom, look for an installation site as close as possible to the shower. Placing the water heater downstairs or several rooms away will decrease its efficiency. You may even want your plumber to install multiple water heaters so you can zone them for peak performance.

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