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When to Replace a Toilet in Your Facility

Toilet in Public Restroom

Maintaining a functioning bathroom in your commercial facility is necessary for the comfort, convenience, and sanitation of your employees and customers. Occasional repair may be all that is necessary to keep the toilet working properly, but there are some circumstances when it is a good idea to replace the toilet completely. The following information can help you understand when toilet replacement is your best option.

Toilet leaks — Leaks are probably the most common and most urgent reason for toilet replacement. Small leaks coming from the tank or the bowl can release a constant flow of water onto the floor or into the areas underneath the floor. Since there is always water in the tank and the bowl, these leaks can be steady and difficult to detect. It doesn’t take long for water to damage the area around the toilet, softening and weakening the flooring and the subfloor. Toilet leaks can sometimes be so severe that they produce enough water to drip into any rooms underneath the bathroom. Leaks in pipes or at connections may be easy to fix, but if the leaks are caused by cracks or other damage to the structure of the toilet itself, a complete toilet replacement is the best solution.

High repair costs — The costs of repairing or replacing all the inner components of a toilet can quickly add up. In some cases, it may be wiser to put in an all-new toilet rather than spend the money and time it will take to replace the workings of the unit. Older toilets may contain components that are difficult to find or maybe aren’t even made anymore. Compare the cost of repair to the cost of toilet replacement, then take other factors into consideration such as age, overall condition, and reliability. If the cost of toilet replacement is reasonable, make the investment.

Inefficiency or water wasting — Toilets are a major consumer of water in any commercial facility, especially if they are older tank-style models. Each flush of an older toilet can use several gallons of water, and over time, this can amount to a significant amount of water committed to this purpose. Newer high-efficiency toilets can substantially reduce the amount of water needed for toilet function. If you have well-used public bathrooms in your commercial facility, you may be able to save substantial amounts of water and money by switching to newer toilets.

Poor appearance — Toilets are very standard devices and there are few people in the world who won’t know what one looks like. However, if the toilet in your commercial building is looking shabby or is damaged, it could be time for a replacement. Porcelain white toilets are very common, but you may have a model that is a color that doesn’t match your bathroom or is simply ugly. If you, your employees, or your customers don’t like the looks of the toilets in your commercial spaces, give some thought to whether replacement would be a good idea.

Bathroom remodeling — If you’re remodeling the bathroom in your commercial facility, it gives you a perfect opportunity for toilet replacement. Replacement can be even more convenient if you’re replacing the flooring in the bathroom during the remodel. The existing toilet will have to be shut down and removed while the flooring is being replaced. Consider whether it would be better to put a new toilet in its place to reflect the theme of the remodel.

Comfort — Toilets need to be high enough and wide enough to accommodate a diverse set of users. You may also need to replace toilets to comply with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards or other regulatory guidelines.

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