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When Pet Allergies Send You Running From Fido

Pets are amazing. They can make you laugh, smile and feel unconditional love. Unfortunately, if you suffer from pet allergies, they can also make you sniffle, sneeze and feel generally crummy. If you suffer from pet allergies, you may be thinking about making the difficult decision to part ways with your furry friend just to find some relief. Before you do, consider all your options. There might be ways you can take control of allergens – and say goodbye to the uncomfortable side effects of your pet allergies.

Get an air purifier. Pet dander is inevitable when you own a cat or dog. It’s also likely what makes your eyes itch, your nose sniffle and throat hurt. However, an air purifier can significantly improve your indoor air quality, and provide a relatively inexpensive way for you to keep Fido around – and live a more allergy-free life. The most effective air purifiers use easy-to-clean HEPA (High Efficiency Particulant Air) filters. Replace your central heating and cooling air filters frequently. This is another relatively simple and inexpensive way to significantly reduce the amount of fur and dander in your home’s air.

Changing your filters will allow them to work more efficiently – cleaning the air more efficiently, allowing you to breathe just a bit easier. Make sure you choose a filter that’s rated higher than 7 on the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) scale. Have your air ducts cleaned regularly. Your air ducts play an important role in keeping your home free of allergens. Chances are good that nearly every flake of dander and fur passes through your ducts at some point. And some wind up there, stuck in the ducts. Having dirty ducts cleaned can significantly reduce the amount of dander and fur that’s floating around your indoor air.

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