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What’s Triggering Allergies in Your Delaware Home?

Many homeowners don’t even notice the allergens on the walls, furniture, and floors of their homes. However, for those who suffer from allergies or asthma, these particles can be very unpleasant, and even dangerous. Below are the main allergens found in most Delaware homes.

Dust mites

Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t the dust itself that’s triggering allergies; it’s actually the microscopic creatures that feed on the dust. Dust can accumulate all over the house, but is especially problematic on furniture and other upholstered surfaces.

Pet dander

All cats and dogs shed some dander, though some shed significantly less. These particles also tend to cling to cloth.


Common in bathrooms, basements, and attic, mold can actually grow anywhere, particularly on porous surfaces.


Pollen comes in many forms, but grass, tree, and flower pollens can all play a part in triggering allergies.


The droppings of mice and cockroaches can cause problems for many people with allergies and asthma. An exterminator should be contacted if you see any evidence of these household pests. For combating the particles triggering allergies, frequent cleaning is a necessity. Be sure to avoid cleaning methods that simply stir up dust, like feather dusters and brooms, in favor of vacuums and static-charged cloths. Ventilation is also essential.

Your home should have good air circulation, but avoid opening windows, as open windows and doors often allow a lot of pollen inside. You should also replace the air filter on your HVAC system often, no matter the season. Manufacturers recommend replacing your filter every three months, but you can change it more often if someone in the house has allergies. For many homes, however, the HVAC filter may not be enough. Whole-house air cleaners are a great investment, and can be installed either as stand-alone units or as an addition to the HVAC system.

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