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What’s That Noise? 5 Things Your Furnace Might Be Telling You

While it is quite normal for the furnace in your Delaware-area home to make some noise, if you hear any new noises or noises that are getting worse, they may indicate problems with your furnace. The following are some of the most common furnace noises and their causes:

  • A screeching or rattling noise when the furnace starts: Such furnace noises are often caused by the bearings in the blower motor or the motor itself. Some motors require periodic lubrication, and if your model does, add the appropriate lubricant. If that does not help, or you cannot add lubrication, call a technician to make repairs.
  • A clunking or bumping noise during operation: This often happens as the belt connecting the blower motor to the blower fan deteriorates. Shut the power and the gas to the furnace off and remove the belt, which is often done by loosening the motor mount bolts. Install a new belt of the same size and type, often available at hardware or automotive stores.
  • A loud boom or thud: Most of the time, this is simply metal air ducts responding to temperature changes by expanding and contracting. If the noise cannot be traced to the ducts, it may indicate dirty burners, which can be cleaned with soapy water and a stiff brush, or a defective gas valve. If cleaning the burners does not work, contact your HVAC contractor for service.
  • Metallic chirping sounds: This could indicate that the pulley for the blower fan or motor is out of alignment. Try moving each side to side until the noise stops. Make sure there are no objects rubbing against the pulleys and be sure that the mounting bolts are tight.
  • Vibrating noise or whining: This could indicate a serious problem with your furnace and it is best to have a technician take a look at it. If you have questions about any furnace noises in your home, please contact us at Sobieski Services.

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