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What is Two-Stage Cooling?

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Choosing a two-stage cooling system over a standard, single-stage unit will give you a number of tangible and intangible benefits related to keeping your home comfortable during warm weather. Unlike most A/C units that run on high speed only, a two-stage unit adjusts its running speed based on your home’s need for cooling.

How It Works

These systems have dual-stage compressors in the outdoor condenser. The lowest speed operates at two-thirds the speed of the high speed. At the lower speed, the compressor doesn’t send as much chilled refrigerant through the refrigerant line and the blower fan inside the air handler adjusts its airflow according to the speed the compressor runs. Sensors tell the compressor how fast to run based on the amount of cooling your home needs.

The Benefits

  • Lower operating costs. Compressors use the most energy when they first start, and when the system runs on a lower speed for a longer cycle, it uses less energy. The compressor also lasts longer since it starts less frequently. Besides being energy-hungry, the compressor is your system’s most expensive part to replace.
  • Reduced humidity levels. Air conditioners lower humidity levels by condensing water vapor on the indoor evaporator coil. A system that runs in short cycles won’t remove as much humidity as a two-stage cooling system. Drier indoor air feels cooler and enhances indoor air quality (IAQ).
  • Better air distribution. Rooms further from the air handler will cool better since the blower will run longer, providing more cooled air.
  • Quiet operation. When the fan in the air handler runs at a slower speed, it runs more quietly.
  • Improved IAQ. When the fan runs longer, more air passes over the air filter for the air handler, trapping more pollen, dust, dander, and mold spores.

The benefits of a two-stage cooling system deserve serious consideration in hot, humid climates like ours.

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