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What Should You Focus on During a New Commercial Construction?

Building a new commercial facility requires a focus on several distinct elements to create a comfortable space that’s cost effective to operate and is within budget to build. Larger buildings may require a more complex interaction between these elements, but in general, the features of a well-built commercial project will stay consistent no matter the size of the facility. Here are some important segments to focus on during a new commercial construction.

Energy Efficiency

There’s a very good reason why you should pay attention to energy efficiency during a new commercial construction project — substantial savings on monthly operating costs. An energy-efficient building costs much less to heat and cool than a comparable structure, which during even a single year, could mean savings of thousands of dollars on indoor comfort costs. When designing your new commercial construction project, consider creating a building that can qualify under the U.S. government’s Energy Star program for energy efficiency.

Some ways you can boost energy efficiency in a new building is through:

  • Structural orientation: Orient the building in a direction that can take advantage of sunlight as both a natural lighting source and as a source of indoor heating during the winter. At the same time, strike an acceptable balance to ensure that the sunlight doesn’t add excess amounts of heat during the summer.
  • Air sealing: A well-sealed building with a tight envelope is less likely to have gaps, holes and other openings that can cause air leaks. These types of structural air leaks allow conditioned air to escape, while letting seasonally hot or cold air from outside get in. Make sure the building’s seal is adequate, that doors and windows are properly caulked and that measures are taken to reduce the amount of paid-for air that escapes the facility.
  • High-efficiency construction materials: Many types of construction materials are designed to be energy efficient, such as low-e windows that can block some sunlight. Use these types of construction materials as much as possible. At the same time, ensure that your building is insulated as thoroughly as possible to prevent heat loss or infiltration at points where insulation levels are low.
  • High-efficiency HVAC system: Commit a portion of your construction budget to purchasing and installing a high-efficiency HVAC system for your new commercial construction project. These systems use much less energy to produce conditioned air and can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in monthly indoor comfort costs.

Efficient Lighting

Make sure to install an efficient lighting system that features some of the newer advances in lighting technology. Also, take advantage of sunlight as an indoor lighting source as much as possible. When sunlight isn’t available, make sure you’ve installed high-efficiency lighting fixtures and are using better bulbs, such as LEDs or fluorescent lamps. Avoid the use of incandescent lighting as much as possible.

Adequate Ventilation

A well-sealed building will require a good source of ventilation to keep indoor spaces comfortable and to maintain adequate indoor air quality. Consult with your HVAC specialist for help choosing a ventilation system. Afterwards, consider using energy-recovery ventilators to recycle a large portion of the energy you’ve spent to heat and cool by warming or cooling incoming ventilation air.

Quality Roof

Invest in a high-quality roof to protect your new commercial facility from the elements. Skimping on the roof can be disastrous if the roof leaks or, even worse, collapses during a storm. A high-quality roof can also make a huge contribution to indoor air quality, your building’s overall comfort and the energy efficiency of your commercial facility.

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