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What to Look for When Selecting the Best Showerhead

Selecting the best showerhead is something you’ll probably find yourself doing one day. For most people, the standard showerhead included in a home or added years ago isn’t up to par anymore. Basic no-frills units permit few adjustments and, over time, water flow and performance degrades as mineral deposits accumulate in the small spray openings. New options offer everything from high-volume water flow to massaging spray action.

When you’re in the market for showerhead replacement, keep in mind these caveats:

  • While available replacement options are many, one factor is fixed — your household water pressure. High-volume showerheads may perform disappointingly in standard household pressure that can be as low as 40 psi. In fact, even water-saving models require a decent pressure level to disperse the flow through tiny orifices and produce a satisfactory spray. Water pressure at the showerhead can be influenced by mineral deposits in the supply lines leading to the shower or by a maladjusted pressure regulator at the water meter. A qualified plumber can test water pressure and suggest options to increase it if necessary, as well as showerheads that are appropriate for standard household pressure.
  • Reduce water expenses and help conserve this valuable resource by choosing a water-saving showerhead. In many municipalities, they’re required in new construction. A water-saving unit consumes less than 2 gallons per minute. While these showerheads acquired a reputation for poor performance when introduced decades ago, that impression is out of date. New models provide excellent water coverage and spray intensity. Installing a water-saving showerhead can reduce water consumption in the average family household by as much as 3,000 gallons per year.
  • Make sure you’re selecting the best showerhead for water conservation by looking for the Environmental Protection Agency’s blue WaterSense label. These models are lab tested and certified to consume less than 2 gpm while still delivering superior spray performance.

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