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What to Do With a Contractor Quote

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When you’re having work done on your HVAC system, the project starts with a contractor quote. You call in a few local contractors, and they each tell you how much they expect the work to cost. But how do you proceed from there? Here are some tips for what to do once you’ve gotten your HVAC quote.

  • Lock down the price. Is the amount they quoted a fixed price, or an estimate? If it’s an estimate, how much more than that could the project conceivably cost you? Unforeseen circumstances can always end up costing more than you’d planned, but do your best to uncover those circumstances before the work begins. Offer to let the contractor look at your ductwork, in your crawl spaces, and anywhere else they need, to get a complete idea of the project’s cost up front.
  • Check out the contractor. One contractor gave you a great HVAC quote, but are they qualified to do the work? First, ask for proof that they’re licensed, bonded, and insured. Then get references: talk to people who have worked with them before, and find out how happy they were with the work, timeline, price, etc. How long have they been doing business? Are they local, or will they come from a long way off? Ask the right questions to find out what it will be like working with this contractor.
  • Find out who’s doing the work. Is the contractor you talked to the one who will actually install your HVAC system, or do they just handle the business side of things? If it’s the latter, ask to meet the person doing the actual work and see them on a job. This will give you an idea of what kind of hands your project is in, and give the contractor more incentive to provide you with their best.

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