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What are Manuals S, D and J?

The key to a durable, efficient and long lasting HVAC installation lies in the use of HVAC manuals as the first step in the selection process. The manuals cover the critical aspects of sizing a system and selecting it based on its performance in any specific climate. Without going through this process beforehand, it’s possible that the system can’t live up to its energy efficiency rating, require more repairs, and fail prematurely. The manuals help you avoid choosing equipment that’s too large or too small, both of which lower your comfort and raise energy bills. Manual J This manual measures the conditioning load inside a home. It takes into account the overall energy efficiency of a structure, its floorplan design, cubic footage, and family characteristics. The software requires specific and detailed information about window sizes, quality and placement, as well as air infiltration and insulation levels throughout the building’s shell, and its overall solar exposure. Manual D The HVAC manuals that deal with air distribution include Manual D and J. Once the contractor has input the variables for Manual J, he or she will determine the ductwork sizing and distribution using Manual D. Even the best HVAC system can’t deliver optimal comfort if the ductwork isn’t sized and distributed precisely for the building. Manual S While determining the heating and cooling load inside a home is critical to a good installation, the equipment must be capable of handling the climate characteristics, particularly the humidity level and its impact on the cooling system, which Manual S indicates. In humid regions like ours, the system has to be as capable of removing the humidity as well as the heat, and not all systems do both equally. Before you go forward with a new HVAC system, it’s important that your contractor use these HVAC manuals to arrive at proper sizing and suitability. At Sobieski Services, Inc., we want our customers in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey to know more about home comfort and energy issues, particularly HVAC and plumbing, to help them save money and live in more comfortable homes. Photo Credit: kkirby864 via Compfight cc


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