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Weigh the Benefits of a Maintenance Plan vs. a Warranty Program

It’s always a good idea to protect the things you own. Your HVAC system should not be an exception to this rule. No matter how professionally the system is installed, chances are, you’ll need repairs or upgrades to keep the system in the best shape possible. You have two options available to you: a maintenance plan vs. a home warranty program for your home system.

Home warranty programs (not to be confused with warranties provided by your manufacturer) are touted as the go to solution for everything you purchase – you’re set for a certain amount of time, no matter what, right? Not true.

These programs often fall short when large repairs happen, since they often only cover a certain dollar amount, or a certain percentage. Another downside is the potential for precious time wasted in case of a repair needed. It’s not an uncommon occurrence for repairs done through a warranty program to take days longer than needed to get the process started.

But what about maintenance plans? Do they win the maintenance plan vs. a warranty program battle?

What benefits do they provide you as a homeowner?

One of the best advantages is the routine maintenance provided with these plans, hence their name. Twice yearly your system can be inspected and thoroughly cleaned to keep everything running smoothly, a service not provided with your typical home warranty program. Plus, a maintenance plan is typically required to keep your the manufacturer’s warranty on your system valid. A maintenance plan saves you chunks of change, lowering the prices on everything from supplies to labor.

In addition to these obvious up-front money-saving benefits, you’ll also see more change in your pocket over time. A regularly maintained HVAC system helps keep things running efficiently, lowering utility bills. Lastly, you won’t have to wait an unnecessary period of time to receive service when you have a maintenance plan. Typically, you are put on a separate list from other consumers, a priority list of sorts. This ensure speedy service, often within hours or on the same day.

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