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Ways Your HVAC System Components Work Together

Your HVAC system uses a fleet of parts and components that impact your comfort and energy bills. So, the more efficiently the parts work together, the better results you’re sure to feel and see. If your home comfort could use a lift and your pocketbook a break, learn how HVAC components affect each other to see where you may make practical improvements.

Thermostat Control

When you have a problem with your comfort or high energy bills, you probably turn to — or blame — your HVAC’s thermostat. The right thermostat can help you conserve energy and even help your HVAC components operate more efficiently, such as integrating a compatible home humidifier. Upgrade to a programmable thermostat or the latest WiFi thermostat to automatically and remotely control set-back/up temperature changes.


The ductwork is often under appreciated for the important role it performs. However, it can raise a rattle and clamor when it needs attention.

The ducts convey conditioned airflow from your furnace and A/C to your home. The ducts also bring return airflow back to complete the air circulation cycle. Make sure your HVAC technician inspects your ductwork at least once a year and makes any appropriate repairs.

Cooling and Heating

Most forced-air furnaces and central air systems share the same thermostat, blower and ductwork. That’s basically where their similarities begin and end. However, they can hinder each other if they are not well maintained.

The typical HVAC build of an upflow furnace places the A/C evaporator coil atop the furnace. The evaporator should be cleaned in the spring to ensure free airflow and efficient home cooling. Did you know that the evaporator should also be cleaned in the fall during furnace maintenance to encourage efficient heating?

The best way to promote better home comfort and reasonable energy bills is to schedule regular maintenance for your HVAC components.

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