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Water Pressure Drop? Find the Source

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to take a shower and having the water pressure drop in the middle. Find the source of the water pressure drop to help correct the problem.

It could be a community issue. Ask your neighbors if they have a similar problem with their water pressure. If this is the case, a water pressure booster can be installed. This will increase pressure on its way from the main water line as it makes its way to your home. If this isn’t the cause, a water pressure reducing valve might be to blame. These are often installed to regulate the force of water taken from the supply line. To solve this problem, you can ask a plumber to change the settings to a higher flow.

If there’s no water pressure reducing valve, make sure the main shut-off valve is completely open. This can be adjusted by you without professional help. On the other hand, if you find water around the area, the low pressure could be from a leak in the main water line. You’ll need a professional to come in and fix the problem.

Low water pressure may be due to a clogged aerator. This can be solved by removing the nozzle and looking for build-up. A quick soak in a vinegar-water solution can help solve this issue. Otherwise, purchase a replacement. Don’t have a clogged aerator? There could also be a clog in the line to the sink, which is best left to a plumber.

If you find the lower pressure only happens when hot water is being use, the hot water heater could be to blame. After checking that the shut-off value is completely open, it’s best to call a plumber to check it out.

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