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Warm Enough for You in Your Home This Past Winter? If Not, Read On

Your heating system should keep your home toasty warm all winter long. A home that’s not warm enough doesn’t always indicate a serious problem, though. The following checks can help you troubleshoot possible issues, before you call for help.

Is your thermostat on the correct setting?

It should be on “heat”, and the fan should be on “auto” so that it doesn’t run continuously. If the temperature is set below the actual room temperature, it won’t signal the furnace to start up, so try turning it up a few degrees.

Is the thermostat working?

If you have a digital thermostat, it may just need a fresh battery. With an older, manual thermostat, cleaning the contacts may work.

Is fuel reaching the furnace?

Follow your gas line away from the unit until you find the control valve. Make sure it’s “open”, with the handle parallel to the gas pipe.

Is the furnace filter clean?

If you haven’t cleaned or replaced the filter monthly, accumulated dirt might be restricting the flow of warm air. Severely restricted airflow from a badly clogged filter can cause the furnace to shut down if it starts to overheat.

Has a breaker tripped?

Check the circuit breaker that supplies power to your furnace. If the one in the main electrical service panel is fine, look inside the furnace blower compartment for a tripped breaker or a blown fuse.

Did the pilot light go out?

Older furnaces often have lighting instructions right on the unit, adjacent to the pilot opening. If not, check for them in your owner’s manual. If these suggestions don’t help, or if you have a newer furnace that may have hot surface or intermittent ignition issues, you’ll need expert advice. An HVAC professional may advise that you have a different problem, such as a dirty gas burner, or airflow obstructions affecting the combustion chamber. If your home isn’t warm enough this winter, contact us at Sobieski Services.

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