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Want To Boost Energy Savings? Insulation Could Be The Answer

Interested in energy savings and smaller utility bills? Insulation may be the answer for your home. A well-insulated home can boost the efficiency of your HVAC systems and reduce your carbon footprint, but be aware that different kinds of insulation are suited for different areas of your home:

  • Flexible insulation comes as rolls, batts or blankets and is made of fiberglass or rock wool. It works well in easy-to-access areas.
  • Loose-fill insulation comes in the form of pellets or loose fibers, and is used to fill wall cavities and other empty spaces. It is made of fiberglass, rock wool or cellulose.
  • Foam-in-place insulation is made of polyurethane or polyisocyanurate, and has to be sprayed with special equipment by professionals. It is of two types, open cell and closed cell, with the latter providing better insulation. Additionally, it is available in small pressurized cans for use by homeowners to plug minor leakages.
  • Rigid foam insulation is usually made of plastic foams or fibrous materials. It is used for foundations and for wall sheathing.
  • Reflective insulation systems are used in roof rafters, floor joists or wall studs. This kind of insulation is used to prevent any downward energy loss.
  • Radiant barriers are usually installed during new construction. In older buildings, these can be put at the bottom of the joists.

The thermal resistance provided by the insulation is referred to as the R-value and the higher the R-value, the better the insulation, resulting in greater energy savings.

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