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Want Better Heat Pump Savings? A 3-Step Process Will Get You There

Race trackAlthough heat pumps are among the most energy-efficient appliances, you can get more heat pump savings by attending to three critical areas of operation. The amount of electricity a heat pump uses depends on the airflow, the ductwork and the amount of refrigerant. When any of these isn’t optimal, efficiency goes down and operating costs rise.

1. Airflow: The cleanliness of the air filter for the blower drives system efficiency. If the filter is covered with dust, it needs to be cleaned or changed. Too much dust blocks the airflow, making the whole system run longer. Making a note to check your filter once a month when the system runs is your best protection against excessive electric bills and unnecessary repairs. If your ducts are on the floor, check them periodically to be sure that nothing blocks the airflow. Be sure that nothing is blocking your registers if they’re on the walls, like window coverings or furniture.

2. Ductwork: If your home has a room that’s not cooling well, check the ductwork to be sure there are no leaks. Sometimes ducts are hidden in the walls or attic. You may need to contact an HVAC contractor who uses specialized equipment to pinpoint ductwork leaks. The Department of Energy reports that duct leaks can increase your energy bills by 30 percent or even more for serious leaks. Heat pump savings are immediate once the ducts have been sealed.

3. Refrigerant: Low or excessive refrigerant is another energy drain for your heat pump. An HVAC contractor uses pressure gauges to add or remove it from your system. When there’s too little refrigerant, you risk burning out the compressor and incurring high electric bills. The technician has to measure the airflow before altering the refrigerant pressure.

A complete system tune-up also adds to heat pump savings. We at Sobieski Services can check your airflow, ductwork and refrigerant, along with fine-tuning your system. Contact us to learn more.

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