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Ventilation Exhaust Fans: Why They’re So Important

Installing ventilation exhaust fans in your home will help improve indoor air quality, for both your health and belongings. These fans, as the name implies, exhaust unwanted dirty, humid and/or stale air from your home to the outside. You can use this air quality checklist to see if your home would benefit from one or more exhaust fans. Typically, an exhaust fan is placed in a room such as the kitchen or bathroom to remove stale, muggy or dirty air.

Ventilation Exhaust Fans Are Important to Your Home

As stated, exhaust fans work by removing unwanted odors, moisture, smoke and other pollutants in the air. When steam and moisture are in the air, it can cause mold to develop. When you utilize an exhaust fan, the steam is released outside, which helps you control mold in your home. Exhaust fans are also help keep your furniture and other belongings safe and in great condition. When air is not ventilated properly, it can cause furniture to warp or rot.

Ventilation Exhaust Fans Are Important to Your Health

Homes that are not ventilated properly can create health concerns. Asthma is one major health issue that can be exacerbated due to improper ventilating in your house. A home with degraded indoor air quality also can trigger or aggravate allergies.

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