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UV Lights and Your Home: Clean Your Home’s Air this Spring

Spring and Summer are typically the worst for people with allergies. Even if you don’t have any severe allergies, you might find that you often have minor breathing issues. There are many contaminants in the air that can lower your indoor air quality, but you can deal with them if you install ultraviolet (UV) lights in your home.

What are UV Lights?

This technology is fairly new and uses the power of light in the UV spectrum to kill small particles. When UV light shines on a small particle on a surface, it is able to breakdown its DNA to eliminate it. Most of the particles that harm your indoor air quality, like mold spores, mildew, bacteria and viruses are all susceptible to this technology. When installed correctly, UV lighting can achieve an excellent level of contaminant removal. This is why places like hospitals, scientific laboratories and food handling facilities all use UV light to ensure equipment is sterile.

The best spot to install a UV lamp is somewhere that most of your air will pass through and gives any particles that hit a surface a chance to be eliminated. An example of an ideal tight space that fits this criteria is inside your ductwork, which is a common place to install UV lighting. Orientation and installation is key to the effectiveness of one of these systems, so call in a professional if you have no prior experience. UV lights can also be installed on your HVAC system to help keep it running at peak efficiency. The components that attract mold and bacteria, like indoor coils are excellent locations for UV lamps. If you have any more questions about how UV lights could help your home’s air quality, please contact Sobieski Services.

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