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Using Weather Stripping And Caulk To Seal? Tips For Application

Five HousesWhen it comes to creating a home that’s as energy efficient as possible, it’s important to ensure that there are minimal leaks in your home’s shell, or thermal envelope, as professionals say. Though many homes have some degree of air leaks, it’s a quick and easy task to find these areas and nip them in the bud with weather stripping.

To reduce your utility costs and overall energy usage, keeping cooled air inside through the summer months and heated air inside through the winter is key. Caulking and weather stripping are two options that allow homeowners to repair these leaky areas.

Here are a few tips for application, which can save a lot of wasted time and even more cash:

  • Find the leaks. Gales that blow under doors may be the most obvious, but also check places where different materials meet, like between the foundation and the walls, the walls and the window frames, room corners, dryer vents and penetrations where utilities — including the TV and telephone cables — pass through.
  • Specialty caulks are made for pretty much every household application. Windows and doors, joins in wood and drywall, cracks in concrete and even areas exposed to constant moisture all have caulks designed for them, with silicone being the most popular. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for ideal application conditions and techniques.
  • Weatherstripping is used where caulking won’t work. This is especially important where joints must remain draft-proof when the materials are together, yet allow them to separate when desired. In homes, this typically means around windows and doors. The most cost-effective weather stripping is self-adhesive foam or felt tape, while metal channels are more expensive but much more durable. Different materials can be used together to suit different applications.

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