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Using Surge Protectors to Save Energy and Money

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Surge protectors have become standard equipment for most homes. We know that power surges can damage expensive electronics, so it’s important to protect them by plugging them into a surge protector, also called a surge suppressor. But did you know that a surge protector is also a great way to save energy and money? Here’s a basic summary of what you need to know about surge protectors and how you can use them to save.

What is a Surge Protector?

First, let’s get something straight: not every power strip is a surge protector. A basic power strip is just a device that allows you to plug in several electrical appliances while using one wall socket to power them all. The fact is, a mere power strip won’t do much to protect your appliances, but it can help you save by making it convenient to turn off several devices at once.

For a surge protector to actually protect your appliances, it must offer the following features: a clamping voltage (the amount of electricity needed to trigger it) of at least 330, an energy dissipation rating (the amount of electricity that will cause it to fail) of at least 400 joules, and 10 nanoseconds or less of response time. Look for these ratings to be printed on the packaging.

How Surge Protectors Help You Save

You probably know that many appliances continue to draw energy even when they are turned off. This is known as “vampire power,” and it can account for quite a bit of your monthly energy usage. Surge protectors offer you the convenience of protecting your appliances from a power surge by plugging into one central device, and also allow you to turn off all the appliances at once, so you don’t have to unplug them individually.

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