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Use The EnergyGuide Label To Choose Top Performing Equipment

Colored ArrowsIf you’re in the market for new heating or cooling equipment, you have probably come across those bright yellow EnergyGuide labels during your search. The Federal Trade Commission requires the label to be present on all HVAC equipment along with other major home appliances. However, these informative labels are only worthwhile if you know how to use the EnergyGuide label. Here’s what you need to know.

  • When you first look at an EnergyGuide label, draw your attention to the upper right corner. That’s where the manufacturer, model and size are listed. Make sure they match the model you’re examining to be sure the label hasn’t been placed improperly.
  • Next, look in the upper left corner where the key features are listed. These features are also found on similar models to help you compare price and efficiency.
  • Then, look to the center of the EnergyGuide label. A bold dollar amount, which is the estimated yearly operating cost, rests along a scale that represents the cost range of similar models. The lower this dollar amount is on the scale, the more efficient it is in comparison to similar models. Keep in mind that the primary purpose of this dollar amount is to act as a comparison point. It’s based on the national average cost of energy, so it’s not necessarily an accurate estimate of what you’ll actually pay in your Delaware home.
  • Gaze just below the scale to the estimated yearly electricity use. This number, given in kilowatt-hours, can be multiplied by your annual utility rate (found on your monthly utility bill) to produce a more accurate estimate of your yearly operating cost.
  • Finally, look to the bottom right corner of the EnergyGuide label. If you see the Energy Star logo, you’re looking at one of the most efficient systems available. Energy Star certification ensures less expensive operation, higher-quality features and matchless dependability. It’s certainly worth considering an Energy Star-qualified appliance over standard models.

For more tips on how to use the EnergyGuide label or for answers to other heating and cooling questions, please contact Sobieski Services.

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