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Upgrading to a Zoning System Can Make a Dent in Your Home Energy Bills

There are many steps you can take to improve the energy efficiency of your home’s cooling and heating systems. Sealing air leaks and adding insulation are two of the most common ways. However, despite these steps your bills may still run higher than necessary. Different rooms and levels of your home will have different cooling and heating requirements due to size, shape, orientation, windows, floor level, and other factors. This means that when you have one thermostat setting for the whole home, you can’t avoid a situation where some rooms, areas or floors are getting more or less cooling and heating than necessary.

For example, there’s little sense to keeping an empty guest room as cool or warm as your master bedroom, and overheating your upstairs bedrooms in order to keep the finished basement warm doesn’t make any sense either. There is a simple solution, however – upgrading to a zoning system.

Choose a zoning system and save money

Upgrading to a zoning system provides a solution to wasted energy. Zone control allows you to set different temperatures for different designated areas. For example, in the summer you will probably want your main living areas cooler than spare rooms or storage areas. With a zoning system, you can make this happen. This means less cool air wasted, which improves your central air conditioner’s efficiency and saves you money. In the winter, you can calibrate your zoned heating system to keep certain rooms warmer than other rooms. You can also set a different temperature for large, expansive rooms that require more heating to feel comfortable. This is also helpful if a member of your household tends to feel colder than the rest of the family. That person can independently control the temperature in the area that he or she is occupying.

Reduce the work of your HVAC system

After upgrading to a zoning system, you’ll find that your furnace and air conditioner do not have to work as hard, since they won’t be conditioning areas that don’t need heating or cooling. This means less maintenance will be required and may lead to a longer service life for the entire HVAC system.

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