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Upgrade to an Air Conditioner With a Variable-Speed Air Handler

Older air conditioners do an adequate job of cooling, but they hog energy and often can’t handle the humidity of Delaware and Maryland summers. The modern variable-speed air handler used in today’s A/Cs helps solve both these problems and more.

Precision Control Makes the Difference

The oldest air conditioners in use operate with single-speed motors that have only an “off” and a “high” setting. They run a fixed speed no matter whether your home needs a lot or a little cooling at that time. A step up from these are two-speed motors, which can run on a low or high setting.

The motor in a variable-speed air handler isn’t limited to fixed speed settings, but it can run at any speed within its physical capacity. This allows it to choose the precise speed that’s most efficient for the cooling demand at any given moment.

The Benefits Go Beyond Energy Savings

The flexibility of the variable-speed air handler keeps you more comfortable while also saving you money on cooling.

Energy savings: A variable-speed motor can usually meet your cooling needs while running at lower speeds and rarely needs to run at high speeds. This allows it to use less energy overall compared to other types of motors.

More even temperatures: Single- and two-speed motors pump out a lot of air at once, then shut off suddenly, often leading to temperature swings. Variable-speed motors run at low settings for longer periods, providing a gentle flow of air that helps maintain your preferred temperature.

Improved humidity control: Because it runs for long periods, a system with a variable-speed motor has more time to remove humidity from the air.

Longer component life: The motor’s ability to gently ramp up to higher speeds as necessary then ramp down again places less strain on the components.

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