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Unusual Furnace Noise Should Be Examined By A Professional

MonkeyIf you are hearing unusual noises from your furnace, you should have an assessment performed by an HVAC professional sooner rather than later — you may be dealing with an upcoming furnace failure. Unusual noise in a forced-air system could be due to a faulty blower, failing fan assembly, loose furnace structure or even duct issues. In hydronic (water-based) heating systems, noise may be the result of loose pipes, metal contracting or expanding, or water that is too hot.

Common Noise Issues

  • Squealing: This noise may be caused by a slipping blower belt, or your bearings may need oiling.
  • Low rumbling: If you’re hearing a low rumble with the furnace burners off, your pilot light may simply need an adjustment. If you hear a low rumble with the furnace on, your gas burners may be dirty and need servicing.
  • Whooshing: Single-speed motors may result in loud “whooshing” noises through the ductwork. You may want to upgrade to a newer, variable-speed air handler. Also, older model furnace burners may create this sound at ignition.
  • Grinding: If you hear a grinding noise, it could be the bearings. Shut off the furnace and call a furnace repair professional.

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