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Understanding the Terms of Your HVAC Warranty

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No matter how well-made your furnace and air conditioner are, they will inevitably suffer some wear and tear while dealing with the Delaware and New Jersey area’s icy winters and humid summers. Your HVAC warranty can protect you when something goes wrong, but only if you understand the terms.

Start Off Right

To make sure your HVAC warranty will cover you, there are a few active steps you’ll need to take. Terms of coverage vary, so read your warranty carefully to learn what you should and shouldn’t do. If there’s anything you don’t understand, ask the manufacturer.

Have your system installed by a qualified, licensed technician. Incorrect installation not only increases risk of performance issues and breakdowns, but can also void your warranty. Even if you trust the skills of the neighborhood handyman, your warranty can be void if you allow an unlicensed individual to work on your equipment

Once your system is installed, register the warranty with the manufacturer. You have a limited time, usually 30 to 60 days, to do this, so take care of it as soon as possible.

Keep Your System Maintained

Plan ahead to have your furnace and A/C professionally inspected and cleaned once a year or as required by your warranty. Neglecting regular professional maintenance can void your HVAC warranty. As with installation, hire only a licensed technician.

Stay on schedule with the basic maintenance you can do yourself, such as regularly replacing your air filters and cleaning your outdoor condenser unit. Your warranty may not cover damage caused by obvious neglect.

Keep all receipts and documentation related to maintenance and repairs. You may need them if you ever have to make a warranty claim.

Avoid buying aftermarket components. Most warranties won’t cover components made by another manufacturer and the very act of installing them could void your warranty.

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