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Two Air Conditioner Maintenance Factors to Ensure Peak Performance

MountainsAnnual air conditioner maintenance is important to ensure maximum energy efficiency, prevent malfunctions, and even protect against water damage inside your home. While air conditioner maintenance checklists include numerous factors and component inspections, none are as important to achieving peak results as accurate refrigerant charge and efficient airflow.

Air conditioners are complex machines engineered to capitalize from the natural properties of refrigerant to extract and release heat as the refrigerant changes back and forth from vapor to liquid. For this process to occur efficiently, refrigerant levels must be to manufacturer’s specifications, and there must be free airflow across the heat exchangers (evaporator and condenser) and through ductwork to your living space.

Free airflow

Something as simple as a clogged filter may adversely affect energy efficiency, and needlessly burden the air conditioner. When the air conditioner is overworked, the evaporator tends to accumulate ice. This decreases cooling function, and burdens other components. The evaporator and condenser need to be free of debris and blockages as well. These components experience constant air circulation (when the A/C is on), so staying on top of maintenance and cleaning is critical.

  • If accessible, and you feel comfortable with the task, vacuum the indoor evaporator using a soft brush extension.
  • Wash the outdoor unit (the condenser) with a garden hose a few times during the cooling season (turn off the power to the A/C, and let dry before powering on).
  • Clean or change your air filter regularly.

Refrigerant charge

It takes the expertise of a certified HVAC professional to perform maintenance with refrigerant, the compressor, blower calibration, and electrical components. Schedule regular preventive maintenance with an HVAC pro for several benefits, including energy savings, increasing the lifespan of your A/C, and to keep the drainage system clear and clog-free. The evaporator and drainage are often located in the attic, a closet, or basement. If overflowing occurs from a clogged system, water damage is inevitable.

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