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Try Hydro Jetting Service to Clean Your Commercial Pipes

Like other professions, plumbing has experienced many technological advances in recent years, including hydro jetting service to clean clogged pipes. By “clean,” we mean exactly that: hydro jetting doesn’t merely unclog stopped up drains, it also addresses the more fundamental conditions inside pipes that are the origin for many commercial plumbing malfunctions. Any drain stoppage may seem to be a sudden, acute event. Actually, it’s often the end result of longstanding conditions and almost any random debris swirling down the drain can cause the clog.

For well over a century, the drain snake was the plumber’s go-to remedy for most drain dysfunctions. However, the low-tech simplicity of drain snakes also included a number of disadvantages. First and foremost, snakes often inflicted trauma on plumbing. Delicate pipes could be permanently damaged by the rotating action of these thick, spring steel tools that used mostly brute force to knock clogs out of the way. In addition, drain snakes tended to simply poke holes in larger clogs and/or push them further down the pipe—short-term results but not a long-term resolution. The snake also had little effect on the underlying causes that promote pipe clogging, particularly the build-up of sludge.

So how can 21st century technology improve upon the time-honored but imperfect drain snake? Hydro jetting service actually utilizes streams of hot water, pressurized to up to 7,000 pounds per square inch to clean—not merely unclog—your pipes. Emitted by a cleaning head at the end of a flexible hose that threads easily through the curves and elbows of your plumbing, hydro jetting performs a full cleaning of internal pipe surfaces without the damage potential of the old-school snake.

Here’s why hydro jetting service is the superior response to clogged or slow-running drains:

  • The hydro jet system doesn’t simply punch holes in clogs or push them out of the way. The hot, high-pressure stream actually obliterates and dissolves the material, reducing even the most stubborn clogs to a semi-solid state. The action of heated, pressurized water then easily flushes the remnants down the pipe and out of your house. Hydro-jets work equally well at dislodging simple clogs as they do on serious pipe obstructions, such as tree roots that have invaded a buried sewer line.
  • Hydro jetting service addresses the underlying cause of drain blockages: sludge. A mixture of grease, soap residue, food particles and even mineral deposits, sludge accumulates on interior surfaces of the pipes, gradually narrowing the pipe’s diameter. When only a small opening for the free flow of drain water remains, it doesn’t take much to trigger a total clog. Simply unclogging the pipe with a snake leaves the conditions that promoted the development of the blockage in place. That’s why many drains are chronic cloggers that stop up predictably, again and again. The cleansing action of hot pressurized water in a hydro jet system scours the inside of the pipe, blasting away solid material but also dissolving the sticky sludge and scum that is the starting point for most clogs.
  • Hydro jetting is a preventive as well as proactive service. Commercial establishments that can’t afford the down time of a clogged drain can schedule annual or semi-annual hydro jetting service to keep drain pipes clean and interrupt the cycle of sludge accumulation that inevitably culminates in a drain clog. Drain snakes will continue to have a role in the plumber’s toolbox to open a simple stopped drain resulting from an immediate event like paper or food scrap flushed down a drain. However, for long-term solutions, hydro jetting service is already proving itself as the 21st century’s answer to the age-old annoyance of clogged pipes.

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