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Top Summer Plumbing Problems

Believe it or not, but summer can often be a time of heightened plumbing problems. While you don’t have to worry about frozen pipes in the warm weather, it is a time when the kids are home and you may find the plumbing gets more wear and consequently, incurs more breakdowns. Here’s a rundown on some of the top summer plumbing problems to look out for.

Summer Plumbing Problems

1. Clogged garbage disposal. It doesn’t take too many summertime cookouts and some “helpful” hands stuffing things down the the garbage disposal that shouldn’t go there before your unit may give way. Try to give your helpers a lesson in Garbage Disposal 101, by explaining these substances should never go into the unit:

  • corn cobs
  • anything fibrous, such as lettuce, potato skins or celery
  • watermelon and any fruit with hard rinds
  • potatoes, bread or any starchy food that may form a paste and clog the blades

2. Clogged toilet. The kids are home, having friends over and the toilets get flushed more than usual. Some kids may try to flush things that shouldn’t go down the toilet, along with excessive toilet paper. You can give your little visitors a lecture and hope that helps, but otherwise, stand ready with the plunger. Also, use the thinner, septic-safe variety of toilet paper that will flush and dissolve better.

3. Clogged sewer lines. Spring and summer usually bring more rain, and that can sometimes affect sewer lines and your ability to flush waste away. Also, tree roots that have grown into the sewer pipes may need to be rooted out by a professional plumber.

4. Outdoor leaks. You may not have noticed when the weather was cold, but in summer, faucet leaks may become more obvious. Call a plumber to fix leaks as soon as possible..

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