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Top Energy-Saving Solutions for Your Office Building

The dual goal of reducing your office building’s carbon footprint, while also saving energy and money can present a significant challenge to owners, managers and maintenance personnel.

Below are several effective energy-saving solutions for office building implementation. These techniques and equipment choices can substantially reduce your energy usage and trim energy costs, while giving your employees a comfortable workplace.

Install Heat-Recovery Ventilators

Ventilation is vitally important to maintaining indoor air quality throughout your office building. At times, however, it may seem that maintaining adequate ventilation could also work against you and your energy-savings program. Logically, when your ventilation system brings in fresh air from outside, it’s also bringing in hot or cold air and removing conditioned air from inside the structure.

To reduce this likelihood as much as possible, install heat-recovery ventilators as one of your energy-saving solutions for office building comfort. Heat-recovery ventilators are designed to recycle and reuse a significant portion of energy that has been expended to heat the air inside your office building. In a heat-recovery ventilator, the incoming and outgoing air streams are routed through a heat exchanger.

The air streams pass close together on either side of an aluminum plate or other heat-exchanging device. Incoming fresh, cool air is warmed by the heat contained in the outgoing stale air. In this way, heat energy is transferred and it takes less additional energy to heat the air that has been brought in for ventilation.

Heat with an Energy-Efficient HVAC System

High-efficiency heating and cooling systems are among the best energy-saving solutions for office building environments. They can slash your seasonal indoor comfort costs by a significant percentage. Geothermal heating and cooling, for example, uses a heat pump to move heat into or out of your building, as needed. Heat is transferred in an outdoor series of pipes buried in the ground where the temperature stays consistent all year long. This provides a constant source for heat acquisition during the winter or heat release during the summer.

In other cases, natural gas heating may be the best option, especially in cases where geothermal installations are not possible. Natural gas is a plentiful, relatively inexpensive heating fuel that burns cleanly and efficiently. A high-efficiency heating system will ensure that natural gas fuel is used to its best advantage.

If you replace your existing HVAC system with a new high-efficiency model, keep in mind that you should be able to recover the cost of the new equipment by about the halfway point of the new equipment’s useful life. This cost recovery will come through the substantial monthly savings that high-efficiency equipment provides.

As part of your switchover to high-efficiency heating and cooling, make sure the building’s envelope is tightly sealed to prevent energy loss and leaks. Also, ensure the ductwork system is properly sized and configured to move heated and cooled air throughout your building and that all sections fit securely together and are sealed to prevent air loss.

Install Energy-Efficient Lighting Solutions

Lighting consumes a significant portion of any office building budget, but there are options that can reduce the amount of energy required to keep your facility illuminated. For example, installing light-emitting diode (LED) lights can lessen costs substantially.

Replacing incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) can also trim energy expenses, while providing plenty of light. Install timers in areas, such as meeting rooms, restrooms and outside areas, to ensure that lights are shut off in these areas in a timely manner. Motion-sensor lighting can also be installed so that lights come on in certain areas of your building only when someone is there.

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