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Top Building Security Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

In a commercial environment, effective building security is vital for protecting your company, its assets and employees. However, sometimes it’s easy to forget some of the most important elements of security. If you have a security program in place, it’s possible that some components are not properly enforced.

Insufficient or inadequate security can be just as bad as having no security at all. Here are some notable building security mistakes and how you can prevent these errors from becoming dangerous and costly.

Failing to enforce badge and ID requirements: Companies that implement a program of employee badges use them as a means of controlling access. However, if you don’t enforce badge and identification requirements, the program will be next to useless.

It can sometimes be tempting to let higher-level management staff get by without following badge rules. Resist this temptation or the integrity of your program will be undermined. Just remind management why this program is set in place, and insist they follow proper procedures.

Allowing outside companies to design your security: You and your employees know your building best. If you hire a security contractor, work with them to conduct a security analysis of the premises to identify the correct posts for security personnel, the most beneficial security procedures and the most effective way to secure your building.

Failing to secure all entrances: All entrances and exits, even emergency exits, should be considered a potential security risk and be monitored. These doors should also be fitted with appropriate alarms and, if needed, with cameras and other monitoring devices. The fewer active entrances and exits you have, the fewer chances an intruder will have of getting in your building.

Being more concerned about looks than security: Having an attractive building and surrounding grounds is certainly a nice thing, but favoring aesthetics over security is one of the biggest building security mistakes. Don’t hesitate to install cameras and security devices where they can be seen, even if they seem out of place or if someone thinks they look “ugly.” Cameras and other devices are not just for observation, they’re also a deterrent. When potential criminals realize they might be recorded on camera, they’re less likely to attempt a crime.

Not securing important rooms and equipment areas: Even in buildings with excellent external security, it’s important to further secure computer server rooms, places where sensitive records are stored and locations containing valuable items or equipment. These rooms should be monitored remotely with tightly controlled access based on proper identification and genuine need to enter the area.

Not taking time to become familiar with security technology: For most companies, security technology represents a significant investment in time and resources. If you and your security personnel don’t thoroughly understand this technology and what it can do, you’re not getting the full value out of your investment. Avoid building security mistakes by making sure your security personnel are fully trained on how to make the best use of your security systems and equipment.

Installing too much security: It’s possible for you to install too many security features in your building, diminishing returns. Rely on your equipment contractor and internal security experts to help you find the best and most effective balance of security procedures, equipment and personnel.

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