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Tips for Preventing Sewer Clogs in Your Wilmington Home

Preventing sewer clogs means taking proactive precautions now—not after you begin noticing sluggish drain action or, worse, need emergency plumbing service. It’s natural to attribute a drain or sewer blockage to the most recent unsuitable substance that swirled down the drain. However, instead of a single event, obstructions are more often than not a culmination of a long process of accumulation inside the pipes. Preventing sewer clogs means re-thinking how you utilize your household drain system and becoming more aware of long-term effects.

Manage Grease

Cooking grease and animal and vegetable fats all flow freely down the drain at warm temperatures, then solidify inside the cold interior of your plumbing. Grease residue is an important component of sludge that gradually narrows drain pipes, eventually resulting in clogs. Collect grease and fats in containers and throw it out with with regular household garbage.

Screen Your Drains

You could hardly invent a more effective drain-clogging formula than human hair and soap scum, especially over the long-term. Stainless steel drain screens in bathroom sink and tub drains effectively strain out hair and as well as melted soap that later forms gooey residue inside your pipes.

Coffee Grounds for Your Garden

It seems like coffee grounds would swirl harmlessly through your plumbing. However, when wet they are among the heaviest substances flushed down drains and accumulate in the lower spans of household plumbing, increasingly obstructing free flow of waste water. Coffee grounds have good use as pest repellents in gardens as well as to boost soil acidity. That’s where they belong – or in the trash.

Hot Flushes

Run the hot water for a few moments after using a sink to flush oily substances down the pipes. Hot water alone can sometimes open a blocked drain – it does even more good as a preventive measure to avoid clogs in the first place.

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