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Tips for Keeping the Kids Cool This Summer Without Driving Up Your Energy Bill

Everyone loves summer with its beautiful long days full of sunshine, but some of those days can be a little too hot. Here are some ideas for keeping the kids cool this summer without driving up the energy bill.

Take advantage of cooler evening air.

Once the sun has gone down, and the temperature drops, open up the house and let in cold air. Once equalized with the cooler temps outside, close the house up tight again. As tempting as it might be to open everything back up in the morning, you’ll keep the cool air longer, if you leave the doors and windows shut as much as possible. Plus, since you’re starting the day with cooler air, even if the day turns out to be a real scorcher, you shouldn’t need to run the AC as much, which saves you energy and cash.

Wet down and hang some sheets… …preferably in front of a fan, to act as an evaporative cooler. The movement of air past the sheets will convert the water into vapor, acting as a low cost, energy saving alternative to air conditioning. It’s best to position the fan directly behind the sheet for maximum effect. If the air’s already moving, the sheets are draped, and the kids are still too hot, you can take a long strip of natural cloth, like cotton or muslin, wet it down, and tie it loosely around your kids’ neck as a personal cooler.

Dress for the heat.

Unless you’re expecting company, let the kids run around in swimsuits or underwear. Loose fitting, breathable fabrics are also good. Water is your friend. Spritzing a little water on overheated faces, giving a quick sponge bath or even a tepid shower, are great ways of keeping kids cool this summer with minimal energy cost. Play with water outside. This one’s a classic. Set up a sprinkler, have a water balloon or water gun fight, put out a wading pool, or just let the kids play with the hose’s spray nozzle.

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